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Assigned Schools

At NCBTMB, we believe schools are crucial to the future of the profession.
Prospective students can be assured that NCBTMB Assigned Schools provide the education they need to succeed.

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Why Become an Assigned School?

Assigned Schools reflect a national standard of excellence with graduates who demonstrate a mastery of core knowledge and skills. Assigned Schools serve a diverse community dedicated to the highest standards of the profession. Every time one of your students passes the NCBTMB Board Certification exam, they stand as a testament to the merit of your institution.


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Assigned School Requirements

  • Minimum 500-hour program
  • 125-hours of instruction in the body’s systems, anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology
  • 200-hours of in-class, on-campus, supervised hands-on instruction in assessment, theory, and application instruction
  • 40-hours of pathology
  • 10-hours of business and ethics instruction (min. 6-hours in ethics)
  • 125-hours of instruction in an area or related that theoretically completes your massage program of study
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Assigned School Costs


Your school will be required to maintain and renew your Assigned School Code every two years or five years, depending on if you are a Non-Accredited or Accredited School. There are no renewal fees.


  • ALL Schools: The minimum 500-hour core curriculum must be in Western-based massage therapy education.
  • All education submitted on the Assigned School application must meet NCBTMB’s acceptable course content guidelines.
  • Schools are required to adhere to all requirements in the state(s) in which they operate.
  • Non-Accredited Schools: All 500 hours of core curriculum must be live, in class with an instructor present. NCBTMB no longer accepts online learning in core curriculum for Non-Accredited programs.
  • Accredited Schools: NCBTMB will accept a portion of classes via Learning Management System (LMS).
  • NCBTMB can only accepts applications from schools within the United States or its territories for the Assigned School program. The only exception is for schools outside of the United States or its territories that hold accreditation from a third-party agency recognized by the United States Department of Education. Please note that even if a school is located outside of the United States and is accredited, education provided there may not qualify for state licensure. It is the responsibility of the individual prospective student to verify acceptance of education with state massage licensing boards.

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