May 21, 2019 | Spotlight

Dustin Blackman, LMT, NCP, BCTMB

Dustin Blackman has 14 years of experience working under doctors and specializes in promoting wellness to a wide range of patient conditions. He began his career working for the Memphis Peabody, and then branched out to Family Urgent Healthcare, where he worked with doctors for years performing medical massage for recovery and general relaxation. Dustin continued his practice at Helen Keller Hospital and, now, owner and founder of United Therapeutic Massage in Alabama.

As he began setting out his career path, Dustin pursued National Certification through NCBTMB and transitioned to Board Certification. He described the importance of his NCBTMB Certification: “Board Certification holds me to higher standard in the massage profession. Having higher education standards means more opportunities to grow as a therapist. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for us massage therapists—and I think I hope to one day see massage therapy evolve into more in-network, insurance-based settings. I think this will be possible with credentials like Board Certification.”

“I started my own practice to develop a general wellness program for a wide range of patient conditions,” explained Dustin. “It’s my passion to help promote wellness to many of my patients. Owning my business allows me more time to spend to form a general idea, develop, and implement goals throughout the massage session. My recommendation anyone first trying therapeutic massage is to be open minded. I have found success with a procedure with new clients that commits them to massage one time per week for the first three weeks, followed by every other week for general maintenance. This allows me to learn the most I can about my about my patient, as well as the patient learn more about me and the benefits of massage.”

Dustin continued: “When I first got started with my practice, I had the opportunity to work on multiple celebrities, which was very helpful for me to understand—it does not matter who you are. Everyone can carry stress due to bad body mechanics or different types of conducive medical conditions. By keeping that open mind to patients of all kinds, my practice has been growing every year for the past 5 years. I’ve met many wonderful people from athletes, CrossFit members, body builders, geriatrics, pediatrics, infants, prenatal, and much more.”

Dustin is Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and utilizes his passion to helping patients achieve their goals to live a less stressful life. He maintains a high level of knowledge in Anatomy and Physiology of the human body and disease processes. He uses his experience to educate his patients, and to customize a wellness program of a wide range of massage modalities. Dustin also utilizes top notch modalities to boost performance and recovery of athletes, celebrities, and sports teams.

Dustin added: “It’s a huge passion of mine to help people live less stressful lives without much pain. The type of clients I see compared to a spa setting is probably very different. People come to me because they need help after being seen and referred by a medical physician. Outcome-based massage focuses on a general area of pain patterns that I follow based off my evaluation with my patient. The type of clientele I had work with in a spa prior to working in a medical setting were people that wanted just general relaxation.”

The current motto for his practice remains: “A unique approach to a professional performance for the body.”

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